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WMO WMO Number:
Latitude 74° 56′ 45.6″ S
Longitude 163° 41′ 13.2″ E
Altitude 78 m
Installed on6 February 1984

Inexpressible Island


Inexpressible Island is sn island, 7 mi long, in Terra Nova Bay at the outer edge of the Nansen Ice Sheet. First explored by the British Antarctic Expedition (BrAE), 1910-13, and called "Southern Foothills" in contradistinction to the Northern Foothills. The name was changed to Inexpressible Island by the party after spending a very unpleasant winter on half rations in a cave in a snowdrift on the island.


Data sheet

Model: Campbell CR1000
Mast: 2.1 m



Curiosities ...

Max Wind speed: 46.9 m/s (168.84 Km/h) at 17 January 1987

Minimum temperature: -42.4°C at 1 September 1992

Maximum temperature: 8.5°C at 17 January 1987