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Concordia (Dome C)
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AWS and radiosounding at Concordia:

Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory at Concordia (PNRA)
Observatory Hourly AWS Data and Daily Radiosoundings Data
Notes on Data Dissemination and Use
The “Concordia Project” is a collaborative project between “Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide” (PNRA) and Institut Polaire Français Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV) to build and operate Concordia Station (Dome C, Antarctica); the Steering Committee of Concordia Project appointed the “Meteo-Climatological Observatory” of PNRA, to carry on “Routine Meteorological Observations” at Station Concordia.
Meteorological information and data collected at Dome C under the “Routine Meteorological Observations” of the Concordia Project, including those hosted in the web server, are the property of the “IPEV/PNRA Concordia Project”.
The information is disseminated directly by the ‘Meteo-Climatological Observatory at Concordia’ of PNRA, also through its website
In order to obtain, and/or use the above mentioned data, the user acknowledges having read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions:
  1. The present license ensures the permission to use data and information, disseminated directly by the ‘Meteo-Climatological Observatory at Concordia’, including those obtained directly from the website, only for study and/or research purposes.
  2. Data obtained from IPEV/PNRA “Routine Meteorological Observation” should be cited with:
    • A connection to the URL, if applicable;
    • A warning as follows: "Data and information were obtained from IPEV/PNRA Project ‘Routin Meteorological Observation at Station Concordia’ -".
  3. If data and information are the core content of the publication/communication, or the publication/communication uses/cites unpublished data, a specific agreement must be obtained with the responsible of data collection, addressing a request to
  4. A communication to the following address would be highly appreciated for any publication/communication, where ‘Routine Meteorological Observation’ data are used according to these terms and conditions.
Data are provided only for the use in the frame of the scientific project making the request, they cannot be given to anybody else without the written permission of the licensor of data and must be kept safely in order to avoid its use by unauthorized persons.