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Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory

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The Principal Investigator of this dataset is Dr Paolo Grigioni.
If you intend to use the following data in a scientific publication please consult with him via e-mail @
Whenever using these data please cite them appropriately as follow:


Citation: Grigioni, P., Camporeale, G., Ciardini, V., De Silvestri, L., Iaccarino, A., Proposito, M., & Scarchilli, C. (2022).
Dati meteorologici della Stazione meteorologica CONCORDIA presso la Base CONCORDIA STATION (DomeC).
If you use the data for specific studies in the framework of the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) 2019 summer intensive campaign then you can also mention the related link:
Grigioni, Paolo; Antonelli, Adriano; Camporeale, Giuseppe; Ciardini, Virginia; De Silvestri, Lorenzo; Dolci, Stefano; Iaccarino, Antonio; Proposito, Marco; Scarchilli, Claudio (2019):
YOPP-SH Meteorological observations from automatic weather station Concordia_AWS, Antarctica.
Laboratory for Observations and Analyses of Earth and Climate, PANGAEA,
It is also requested to use a warning as follows: "Meteorological dataset and information are achieved by the Italian Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory (IAMCO) in the framework of the PNRA/IPEV 'Routine Meteorological Observation at Station Concordia' project"
A communication to the following address would be highly appreciated for any publication/communication, where 'Meteo-Climatological Observatory' data are used according to these terms and conditions.
Location: Concordia Station (Dome C);
Latitude: 75° 6' 0'' S; Longitude: 123° 24' 0'' E; Altitude: 3230 m
Date Start: 2005-01-27
Date End: 2022-12-31
Data owner: PNRA/IPEV
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY-4.0)